Sunday, 1 April 2012


Oh Poets who raise and calm wars with lines
Come let us all with one heart blend to speak
From shore far away you've spilled your inks
Now a sound of trumpet as called in unity for us thus to sing.

Oh join to write on this sacred parchment
Uniting the bond rule our universe
Different tongues we might speak
But one message we shall pass to the world.

Fly across the skies, sail on high seas
walk on earth to the destination where our bond sets is root
Apart a world we can never build
But with hands clamped and gripped tight
We can paint lines on the highest mountain.

In the root of minds, let our lines be felt
a quota we must give to the creator who on us bestowed His gift
let us unite to bring the unreal to the realm of reality
For we imagine far more than mere mortals.

A hoard of greetings to your band with glee
thou hath the citadel of prowess
Great poets with great quill and sacred parchment
Uniting our minds to unite the world
Forging letters into golden words.

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