Thursday, 6 June 2013


Joseph Success (profile)

The terrain may be rough, the way bumpy but remember the race is not to the swift neither is the battle to the strong but it is JAH that shows mercy

I'm the face behind the mask. Cool and jovial

Favourite Quote:
Don't drop da ladder of Success that took you to da top, u may need it when u want to climb higher
IM Screen

Names : Joseph O. Adeyi Success
Nick: Sacred Rose
Phones: 08169367606

Website: __________

Basic ├Čnfo

Sex: Male
Birthday: 18th April
Current City: Kogi
Hometown: __________
Relationship: Single
In :
Women and Men
Languages: English and Native Dialect
Political: __________
Religion: Christianity

Likes and Interests
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Activities: Surfing Internet,
Playing Games, Reading
Novels, Watching TV
and Hanging Out With
My Friends

Music: Classical Rock

College: Top Quality College

Course: Computer Engineering
 Institution: Hussaini Adamu Polytechnic

Work Experience:
Wole Olanipekun and Co

Current Poem:
Click to read this   THE VOICE OF A DREAM